Introducing The Learner’s Formula

Professionals in all fields rely upon processes to do consistently high-quality work. We need processes most when our jobs require us to handle high volumes of work or when the work is complex.

Take painters for example. Professional painters use the “W Method” to ensure they complete their painting jobs quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards.

College students must process high volumes of complex information.

Shouldn’t students have a process for doing academic work?

Students tend to use an ad hoc approach to academic work. They randomly throw a hodgepodge of tactics together in a “studying soup.” Then they wonder why this approach doesn’t produce consistently high performance.

I created The Learner’s Formula to help students study more productively. This metacognitively-based formula gives students a process for doing their best work every time. They can save time and increase their performance.

You can preview The Learner’s Formula on this page and see how it works in operation on The LearnWell Projects YouTube page.

The Learner’s Formula is expanded upon in my forthcoming book, which is relatively titled: How to Successfully Transition Students into College.

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