First-Year Success is Key to Total Success

Florida Polytechnic University: 2021-present
A stunning structure deserves academic excellence, doesn’t it?

Launched an innovative and focused intervention to tackle persistent low performance in early math and STEM introductory courses.

The outcome?

A remarkable 30% reduction in D, F, W grades, shattering previous expectations. But the impact didn’t stop there; the ripple effect of this success spread to upper-level courses, enhancing overall student performance. The program also fostered more collaborative and enriching student-teacher relationships, transforming the academic landscape for both new and seasoned students.

What I love about this project.

As a performance-based, state-funded STEM university, the stakes at Florida Poly are uniquely high. Redirecting students who struggle in early math or science courses into ‘easier’ majors isn’t an option. Beyond improving grades, the program transformed the academic experience, enhancing student-teacher relationships and setting students on a path to success defined by top graduate schools and prominent career fields.

I consider it a privilege to collaborate with such a dedicated community and to demonstrate that success does not have to be an evasive goal; it can — and should — be a present reality, even when there is no room for error. Together, we’ve transformed challenges into opportunities, proving that excellence is inevitable when failure is not an option.


Three things that can be learned from this project.

  1. Success in class hinges upon success away from class. Students used the tools I created to do much better academic work outside the classroom setting.
  2. Academic work requires a complementary learning environment. The enhancements in student learning and performance inspired faculty to elevate their instruction.
  3. Results matter! The buzz that comes from doing something different isn’t enough. Faculty, staff, administrators and students want to experience real, undeniable results.

This state-of-the-art facility deserves one more image.


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