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Partner with us to elevate student performance, boost retention, and cultivate cultures of academic excellence. Leveraging our unique expertise in student academic behavior, we empower institutions to surpass their critical core metrics and achieve unparalleled success.

How We Help


Overcoming Student Performance Challenges

Are high DFW rates a concern? At The LearnWell Projects, we tackle these issues head-on, providing the essential support your students need to excel.

By fortifying freshman cohorts, we generate immediate success while also establishing a robust foundation for long-term academic success and achievement.

Solving Retention and Enrollment Issues

Struggling with student retention and enrollment? Our strategic interventions transform learning environments, empowering students to thrive along their educational journey.

This compounding approach drives higher graduation rates and institutional stability.

Addressing Faculty Development Needs

Is there a disconnect between your faculty and administration? Our professional development programs foster a sense of dignity among faculty by making instruction more impactful and less burdensome.

We align academic standards with administrative goals, cultivating a culture of excellence that benefits the entire educational community.

Who We Have Helped

The LearnWell Projects has successfully partnered with a diverse range of higher education institutions, from small community colleges to major universities. Our tailored solutions have significantly improved student performance, increased retention rates, and advanced faculty development. Collaborating with deans, learning center directors, and faculty members, we’ve bridged the gap between academic standards and administrative objectives. Our interventions have led to better academic work, higher retention and graduation rates, and a more cohesive academic community.

Discover how our expertise has helped institutions thrive and achieve their goals.

Case Studies


First-year success is key to total success

A stunning structure deserves academic excellence, doesn’t it? Launched an innovative and focused intervention to tackle persistent low


Turning the tide for struggling students

Timing is everything, but there’s never a bad time to solve a problem. Our project began with in-person sessions and quickly adapted to virtual ones as COVID-19 hit.


High performance in the humanities

Launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, this project helped four HBCUs achieve noted improvement in complex cognitive work and student engagement

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