Former STEM Stars Flames Rekindled!

Okay. I’m excited about this post because this makes the fifth time in about four years that I have been a part of the excitement of an institution’s academic transformation. It affirms what I deeply believe: academic apathy is a sign of inability, not disinterest.

This image below is part of a letter I sent on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. I explained to campus leaders why so many students seemed apathetic and how we would address the issue.

I was able to send the letter below this month, now that those “apathetic” students are excelling and re-enrolling.

The sweet smell of success! I’m deeply happy that my colleagues are getting to experience the joys of working in a complementary learning environment!

My question for you is: Do you see students on a similar timeline? Meet me in the comments section to discuss. 

Take a closer glimpse into the transformation here:

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  1. Annette Klier

    This post rings true with my experience working with students for 15+ years. However, this does begin with the basis of STEM stars in high school. I have found that with students who were not STEM stars (are working through developmental classes or the one college level class they need to take) that waiting until October is too late and has a low return on students utilizing the services offered with unfortunate results emotionally for the student and for their educational journey.


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