The New STEM Student Academic Playbook

Virtual Training Look-In

Professor shares an exciting story of how he used the Playbook to transform a student into a learner!

Equip your STEM students with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to do excellent academic work!

Every field of work has a set of tools that are used to do the work. Academic work is no different. Students need a set of tools to do academic work.

Here’s a low-resolution sample of The new STEM Student Academic Playbook. This resource provides students with the necessary knowledge and tools they need to do sound academic work.

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts at my email at:

STEM Students Academic Playbook_low-res-sample

These quotes are from students whom I have trained as Peer Learning Strategists. They are responding to an end-of-the-semester survey question that asked them to share the parts of the Playbook that is most useful to them and their peers. (The headers are my words. The rest are direct quotes from students.)

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