Yavapai College

Institution Type: Public Two-Year Institution

Does your institutions’ combined racial and/or ethnic minority population exceed 50% of total enrollment?: No

Name of Institution: Yavapai College

Size of Institution (undergraduates): Between 1000 -2

Name: Trisha Hartman Travis

Status – What is your primary role?: Learning Center Professional

Setting of Institution: Rural-serving

Campus make-up: Primarily non-residential

Share your story : The students who participated in the sessions have reported some very positive results. Prior to the conclusion of the study, some participants were earning higher scores on quizzes and tests, and were noticing a marked difference in how they were interacting with the content of their courses. By their own reporting, being able to formulate meaningful metacognitive learning goals at deeper levels of thinking enabled them to get a firmer grasp on the material, be able to make meaningful associations, and get a bigger picture view of the subject. One student commented, “This program works and the tools assisted me in increasing my GPA.”

Although the approach to transforming students’ learning outcomes is a reasonably simple process, many students find modifying their end goals makes a big difference in how they learn. Utilizing the ThinkWell-LearnWell Diagram leads them to discover what they can do with newly learned concepts, rather than just remembering or understanding the new information. And this is what makes all the difference in being successful in rigorous college courses.

Future Plans/Expectations: Some have asked me to consider how I might be able to reach a broader audience of students with this message, so I know I will be doing more sessions in the future! I\’m looking into how we might incorporate some of the concepts into dual enrollment classes, and how we can implement the program at additional sites throughout our district. I also developed a workshop oriented to faculty on how to implement metacognitive learning techniques into their classrooms, and will be offering that again.


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