Lenoir Rhyne University

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Institution Type: Private Four-Year Institution

Does your institutions’ combined racial and/or ethnic minority population exceed 50% of total enrollment? : Yes

Name of Institution: Lenoir-Rhyne University

Size of Institution (undergraduates): Between 1000 – 2999

Name: Hannah Williams

Status – What is your primary role?: Student

Setting of Institution: Rural-serving

Campus make-up: Primarily Residential

Share your story : I graduated High school with honors, had a perfect 4.0 GPA. I came to college with hopes of becoming a nurse. My first semester included a tough nutrition course. I did not expect college to be too hard because I did so well in high school. I had great study habits or so I thought. Then I made a 50 on my first nutrition test. I was devastated! I had never ever made a grade so low before. I went to tutoring with the professor and it helped some, but my tests grades were never higher then an 80 in that class. Somehow I passed it with a C. Even though I passed, I was still upset because I had never had a C on a report card. Second semester was not any easier. I made my second C in Anatomy II. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Sophomore year came along and I was able to pull of all A’s and B’s but once I started the nursing program my junior year I was back to C’s. Leonard Geddes told me about the ThinkWell-LearnWell Diagram. I went to some meetings about this and he helped me apply these strategies to my nursing classes. I no longer just memorized material I was learning it! I realized that the way I was thinking was wrong and I learned how to change it. Since I have started studying a new way I can apply the material I\’m learning in one class to other classes and it has made my academic college experience much better. I highly recommend The LearnWell Projects to any student struggling.

Future Plans/Expectations: I will graduate with my BSN in May of 2014. I plan on working as a RN, on a Labor and Delivery floor, at a hospital and then continue my education to be a Nurse Practitioner Midwife.


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