Why Bad Thinking Happens

There are two types of academic challenges students face in college: Type I and Type II.

Type I problems are challenges of effort. In these situations, students aren’t very studious. They don’t show up for class. They don’t study. And they don’t read. In most cases, students with Type I problems are not serious-minded learners.

Type II problems are transfer of learning problems. In these situations, students work hard, but they don’t benefit from their labor. They attend class, but don’t extract the right information from class. They study and read. But because they use the wrong thinking skills during these activities, their study outcomes don’t match the outcomes that are being assessed.

This video deals with Type II Problems. It’s Part 3 of our 21 SAVAGE Student Learning Tips playlist, our new Youtube series. Just another way to make learning more visible, manageable and effective.

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