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August 11, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, 2015  EST (Past Event)

Virginia Western Community College takes tutoring seriously! They have an active CRLA certified tutoring program.  Their tutors are very good at what they do. This comprehensive 4-hour training event demonstrated ways tutors (and other educators who were present) could used metacognition to enhance their work with students. Participants gained a thorough understanding of metacognition and the role it plays in student academic success. Participants concluded the session with strategies and resources to go beyond helping improve students’ grades to helping reshape the learning experience.



  1. Sandy Workman

    I found the information shared to be very insightful and it will be a great tool to help students to unlock the “secrets” to learning at the college level.

  2. Sandy Workman

    Very clear explanation that we can use in a practical way with students during academic coaching! Those that are not experiencing success at the college level are many times “in a fog” about why what they have done in high school does not work in college. I am very much looking forward to helping students discover the “secrets” to becoming a successful learner!

  3. Linda Whitlock

    Thank you for a terrific presentation, Leonard! Both our tutors and our students will benefit from this approach to learning. I’m looking forward to working with our tutors to help them become more comfortable with using the metacognitive approach to tutoring.

  4. Robin Johnson

    I enjoyed the seminar you gave at Virginia Western Community College. Thank you for information I think students can benefit from the metacognitive techniques you discussed.

  5. justin magda

    Though I’m familiar with metacognition and have used similar practices to the ones covered in the workshop, Geddes has truly streamlined the philosophy and sorted everything out into easy to use worksheets and reference charts, as well as expanding upon the current ideas, approaches, and practices with his own research and creativity.

  6. Mary

    The seminar was very informative and helpful to me both as a tutor and as a mother of a high school student. How to approach the learning of a topic is just as important as the understanding of a topic. I think this seminar would be very beneficial to every high school and college student, especially at the start of the school year. I plan on sharing what was discussed at the talk with my son so that he gets a head start on how to study now as well as how to navigate studying in college. These techniques can be used by anyone who has to learn something new and wants to achieve a deep understanding of it.

  7. Carole

    The seminar was interesting and helpful. Starting the session with comparing the 80/20 and 20/80 Rule certainly got my attention!

  8. William Long

    I found the information covered in the metacognition seminar to be very helpful when assessing the learning culture of our organization. We plan to explore uses of this model in our needs analysis framework as well as instructional design and defining learning outcomes.
    William Long
    Goodwill Industries of the Valleys

  9. Janet

    This session was truly worthwhile. I was a Psychology major in college and then went on to get a teaching credential, so you can imagine how many times I’ve heard Bloom’s Taxonomy. However, I have never heard it presented so practically and with such excellent examples. The 2-part, small group activity was well-designed and showed the power of the approach.

  10. Carol Rowlett

    Excellent session. Although the presentation was geared toward increasing student success, many of the concepts will translate well into other aspects of my job.

  11. Tilinia Williams

    I thoroughly enjoyed the VWCC seminar. I represent the business sector with a company of about 1,400 employees. I am part of the Learning and Development department that has been in existence for 3 years but just beginning its growing stage. The information from the seminar has helped us identify where our current organizational learning cultural and develop a strategic plan of implementation incorporating Learnwell materials.

  12. Nancy Francisco

    Thank you for coming to Virginia Western Community College. Seeing how metacognitive theory works during a tutoring session was very interesting and helpful. I was especially pleased to see the writing consultants’ interest and participation. The comparison between the 80/20 Rule and the 20/80 Rule was enlightening.

  13. Nancy Francisco

    Thank you so much for coming to Virginia Western Community College. The presentation was excellent because it demonstrated how to implement metacognitive theory during tutoring sessions. The four-hour session just breezed by. Also, as Writing Center Coordinator, I was really pleased about my writing consultants’ interest and participation. I found the 80/20 Rule and the 20/80 Rule comparison very interesting.

  14. Adam O'Neal

    I work as a tutor and as an adjunct professor and I found this training extremely valuable and practical. I have been through some training regarding metacognition in the past, but this is the first training I have had that provided concrete, widely applicable tools I can begin to employ immediately in both of my roles. The presentation was dynamic, engaging, and highly relevant. I have a much better understanding than ever before of the application of metacognitive techniques. I understand that a faculty-specific presentation is scheduled for the Spring and I cannot wait!

  15. Virginia Garden

    The seminar was excellent; it was practical and filled with examples of how metacognition methods have improved student success at Lenoir-Rhyne and other colleges. I found it to be very thought provoking, and it inspired me to take seriously the concepts presented and to try to implement them in the classroom. There was a good balance of presentation and small group work, and best of all, concepts were well expressed without using confusing lingo.

  16. Kate Bye

    This was an outstanding training session. I sent you an email with my comments in more detail. My mind is still reeling just thinking about how I can implement what you taught us in my future courses. The way you combined research findings, best practices, and innovative strategies together is just refreshing. It makes Bloom’s Taxonomy that much more meaningful by giving a structure to apply it to help students increase their level of learning.


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