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Finding and hiring professional and peer staff is hard work. Training them should be easy and rewarding!

Explore a few of our training resources, and be invigorated by our colleagues' and peers' success stories.

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Transformational Stories

2020 ThinkWell-LearnWell Diagram User's Guide

2021 Georgia Tutoring Association Keynote


This training has greatly impacted my own learning because I am now aware of how my thinking and interpreting of information compare to what my professors expect of me. Prior to this training, it would have never occurred to me that the way that I was thinking and processing information may not be aligned with my professors’ expectations, and, therefore, could be making a course more difficult for me than it needs to be.

Kristina (2019, sophomore student)

After being trained in what metacognition means and helping other students with this form of thinking strategy, it has not only had a positive impact on my ability to learn, but it has helped a number of my students improve their grades. Metacognition helped to expand my mindset and hone in on my weaknesses in order to become a more efficient student and effective learner!

Mitchell (Sophomore student, 2019)

The AP3 Framework

Sample narrated PowerPoint presentation on the Academic Product Production Process (AP3).


Improving Test Performance

This quick-moving micro-course vividly illustrates how to help students truly study less and perform better!

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