GPS Learning Course Teaser


  1. Karen Parrish Baker

    Could these approaches be incorporated into a series of out-of-class workshops for TRIO SSS students? How would they be structured? What background would session leaders need to guide students enrolled in a plethora of college courses through the processes?

    • Leonard Geddes

      Hi Karen,

      Yes, they can be incorporated in workshop series. I have a self-paces course that does all of the training for you. Let me know if you want to learn more.

  2. Diane Eisenberg

    This is very helpful – like the analogy with the jigsaw puzzle. Looking forward to the second part.

    I have attended both Bermuda Triangle workshops and bought the book. Your work is so valuable. I want to introduce the concepts to my SI Leaders, who are often just reteaching the material- not helping students address the course objectives. Any ideas or suggestions?

  3. Tony DeVillier

    I like the short simple explanations, relating learning outcomes and notes to the big picture of the course.


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