Real Stories, Real Success

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Trench Data played a vital role in propelling Lenoir-Rhyne University toward academic excellence during my tenure as university president. The program helped us create a complementary learning environment that elevated student learning and performance, invigorated faculty, and diminished academic-related retention problems. I fully anticipate Trench Data to play a key role in transforming the broader higher education community.

Dr. Wayne Powell

President, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Emeritus

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The metacognitive tools students have helped students exhibit greater control over how they study and their learning process.

Dr. Ayana Hinton

Denison University

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What is unique about the LearnWell Project approach is that it is truly individualized. Campus academic culture and existing data are analyzed in combination with faculty and student feedback about teaching and learning. This approach allows intentional strategies to be developed that work within the existing culture while improving student learning. Faculty deepen their understanding of how to prepare a course for higher-order learning and students emerge far more capable to glean from their courses what faculty intend. LearnWell allows transformation in teaching and learning to occur, whether the focus is an academic department, teaching-learning center, peer tutoring program, or broader campus reach.

Dr. Gail Summer

Former Provost, Augustana College

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It’s been two years since I last worked with The LearnWell Projects, and the work is still having an impact on our campus. The development of our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) was informed and enhanced by The LearnWell Projects and my colleagues and I are more effective educators as a result of the work.

Dr. Eric Fournier

Center for Teaching and Learning, Washington University in St. Louis

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Leonard Geddes has brought his knowledge, enthusiasm, and ‘practical tools’ to our first-year experience to FL Poly, and the impact has been positive for both students and faculty. As a relatively new all-STEM university, the program he designed for us has given us the boost we needed to get everyone – faculty, ‘out of class’ support services, and students – on the same page with the clear, well-focused materials and a consistent message that facilities the dialogue with respect to the university learning experience and actions for academic success. His experience and insights into student learning behaviors, coupled with his ability to recommend a practical ‘plan of action’ has created positive change in the classroom with faculty, the students, and our university culture.

Dr. Mary Vollaro

Florida Polytechnic University

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The LearnWell Projects worked seamlessly and systematically across all levels of our institution. After identifying opportunity gaps between faculty expectations and student experiences that existed in our data, they partnered with us to develop an interconnected plan that immediately improved student learning and preparation away from class that translated into success inside the classroom. Our academic climate is measurably better now among faculty and students as a result of working with The LearnWell Projects.

Dr. Tom Fish

Dean of Retention & Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan, University of the Cumberlands