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  1. The language Leonard used about metacognition has given me a way to think about what has been frustrating me about students (and probably what has been frustrating some of them about my classes). If the students are stuck on the basic levels of cognitive skills, identify/define and explain, but the problems they have to do are on higher levels; apply, compare/contrast, and analyze; it explains why they are focusing time on studying strategies like “reviewing notes” rather than doing problems to prepare for tests. I have revised my learning goals and outcomes for some classes already, and will work on them for others before fall. In addition, one thing that struck me about the presentation was when Leonard said something to the effect that students underperform when they overestimate their own abilities or knowledge and underestimate the job they have to do. With online homework systems, I can see that students routinely wait until the last possible minute to even begin looking at assignments. This means that they can’t get help if/when they get stuck. It also shows that they are not allowing themselves enough time to digest more complicated tasks.

  2. Enjoyed your workshop! You did a beautiful job. Your entire presentation was informative and enlightening. Keep up the good work! Much success to you!

    McKinley Johnson

    Fashion Department

  3. Thinking more about the way I present the course learning goals to students was something I didn’t even realize I needed to do. Leonard helped me think about how crucial that is for students and I realize now that if I make the expectations more clear through word choice, not only can I refer to them throughout the semester, but students can be better prepared for assessments because they’ll know what level of cognition is expected from them on various course topics. I now have a better sense of how to guide my students through their learning, not just the content.

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