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Remote Learning Made Easy: Thinking Well and Learning Well

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Let's make remote learning rewarding and fun for families. Learn instantly usable tools and techniques that boost student performance in any course they take. These transferable metacognitive skills are highly effective and easy to use.


Fortifying Students: How to Navigate Those Crucial Early Days

⇒Register Here Successful endings demand well-engineered beginnings. Students who tackle the first few weeks of academic courses with skill and preparedness pave their own paths to achievement. This webinar details specific, research-based actions that students can take during the opening phases of their classes to dramatically increase their potential for success. It lays out the critical decisions students must make ...

Effective Thinking and Learning: Evidence-based Strategies for Improving Student Academic Performance (03/08/17 and 03/09/17)

When students study correctly, their critical thinking skills are engaged throughout the process. Few students interact with their academic environment in ways that develop and hone essential thinking competencies. Research suggests that students who correctly use a broad set of mental tools achieve comprehensive and enduring academic success. Our work with dozens of institutions affirms the research. We’ve found that ...